Rock Hard Foods – Natural Viagra for Men

The people have spoken, I have answered…why the women in my life has such a big smile on her face! ;)

  • Nearing the action, coffee could be the drink! Gets the metabolism up and blood
    A photo of a cup of coffee.


  • For metal like power, think zinc! Oysters are absolutely loaded with it (hence the reputation), or more affordable, a handful of pumpkin seeds will surely help.
  • Turn up the heat! Chillies expand your blood vessels! Lets just hope you have the strong healthy heart and arteries to fill them!
  • Banana man! The high potassium content from eating them regularly, is great for the heart and circulation.
  • Stay oiled. Eating fish a few times a week, keeps the omega-3 fatty acids topped up, enhancing blood flow. Salmon is said to make orgasms stronger!
  • Mind power. Get a good level of B vitamin (wholegrains / beans) for a healthy nervous system. They also boost testosterone and libido!
  • Look on the bright side! Berries and colourful fruits contain anthocyanins which
    Alaska wild

    keeps your arteries clean and smooth.

  • Eat garlic and onion. They contain allicin which enhances circulation.
  • Wine, the natural Viagra drink! Red wine especially contains resveratrol, which opens the arteries. Alcohol also reduces erectile dysfunction. Keep to only a glass or two!
  • Porridge power! The soluble fibre mops up cholesterol, keeping your blood vessels smooth.
  • Increase fire power. Ginseng improves erectile dysfunctions and increases sperm count, motility and testosterone levels!
  • Hard as a nut. Brazil nuts especially, have high selenium content. It’s a vital
    Brazil nuts come from a South American tree

    mineral for fertility.

  • King of vegetables. Here’s another reason to eat broccoli! It contains folate, which produces semen and boosts sperm count! It also contains indole-3-carbinol, a substance needed to metabolise sex hormones more efficiently.
  • Planting the seed. Sesame seeds contain amino acids vital for sperm production.
  • Energise with fruits. Raisins and Watermelon give an energy boost thanks to the natural sugar. They also contain arginine which helps erectile function in a similar way to Viagra.
  • Just relax. Chamomile tea has relaxing properties coupled with regulating blood supply to your ‘vital’ organs!
  • Animal like abilities come from steak. It increases the blood flow to the sexual
    Rump steak on griddle pan


  • Pump it up! Exercise, especially big compound moves, raises testosterone levels!

About Dean Newcombe

Dean Newcombe is most widely known for his artistic work as a model and actor. His work, along with a hunger for knowledge and new experiences, has led him to live in 6 countries around the world, and to travel to more than 40 others. He is passionate about travel and environmentalism. Since 2007, Dean has worked as a model and actor with agencies around the world and loves the creative freedom that's possible. Dean's first major movie role is in Tobe! Dakota, which will debut across Japan in September 2013. In January 2011, Dean founded the organization "Intrepid Model Adventures" as an avenue for his social activism. He uniquely combines social entrepreneurship with his work as a model and actor to inspire change. IMA currently runs a charity project for the people of Tohoku, Japan, an awareness-raising project with movie night gatherings, and a project supporting the fair trade movement. Dean, the Intrepid Model, has built the organization into a community of thousands. Dean is also an avid sportsman and nutritionist. Even though he spends much time organizing projects on his computer in Tokyo—the planet's largest urban space—he loves the outdoors!
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