Rock Hard Foods – Natural Viagra for Men

The people have spoken, I have answered…why the women in my life has such a big smile on her face! ;)

  • Nearing the action, coffee could be the drink! Gets the metabolism up and blood
    A photo of a cup of coffee.


  • For metal like power, think zinc! Oysters are absolutely loaded with it (hence the reputation), or more affordable, a handful of pumpkin seeds will surely help.
  • Turn up the heat! Chillies expand your blood vessels! Lets just hope you have the strong healthy heart and arteries to fill them!
  • Banana man! The high potassium content from eating them regularly, is great for the heart and circulation.
  • Stay oiled. Eating fish a few times a week, keeps the omega-3 fatty acids topped up, enhancing blood flow. Salmon is said to make orgasms stronger!
  • Mind power. Get a good level of B vitamin (wholegrains / beans) for a healthy nervous system. They also boost testosterone and libido!
  • Look on the bright side! Berries and colourful fruits contain anthocyanins which
    Alaska wild

    keeps your arteries clean and smooth.

  • Eat garlic and onion. They contain allicin which enhances circulation.
  • Wine, the natural Viagra drink! Red wine especially contains resveratrol, which opens the arteries. Alcohol also reduces erectile dysfunction. Keep to only a glass or two!
  • Porridge power! The soluble fibre mops up cholesterol, keeping your blood vessels smooth.
  • Increase fire power. Ginseng improves erectile dysfunctions and increases sperm count, motility and testosterone levels!
  • Hard as a nut. Brazil nuts especially, have high selenium content. It’s a vital
    Brazil nuts come from a South American tree

    mineral for fertility.

  • King of vegetables. Here’s another reason to eat broccoli! It contains folate, which produces semen and boosts sperm count! It also contains indole-3-carbinol, a substance needed to metabolise sex hormones more efficiently.
  • Planting the seed. Sesame seeds contain amino acids vital for sperm production.
  • Energise with fruits. Raisins and Watermelon give an energy boost thanks to the natural sugar. They also contain arginine which helps erectile function in a similar way to Viagra.
  • Just relax. Chamomile tea has relaxing properties coupled with regulating blood supply to your ‘vital’ organs!
  • Animal like abilities come from steak. It increases the blood flow to the sexual
    Rump steak on griddle pan


  • Pump it up! Exercise, especially big compound moves, raises testosterone levels!
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