A Drawing for Japan Project – Power of artwork and creativity…

Intrepid Model Adventures was created in part, to support projects and people doing things that we truly believe in. We aspire to be involved in such projects and use our passion to aid them as much as possible, but at the very least we can share them.

The ‘A Drawing for Japan Project’ is one such project that I have no hesitation to share. For a start it is created by a special friend of mine, and a member of our group, Yves Dalbiez. He was a great inspiration to IMA’s very existence, and now an active part of sharing what he believes will help us all.

This project also demonstrates how diverse the action of support can be. IMA has worked extremely hands on and personally in the Tohoku region since the 3.11 disaster, but here we see another way to build hope and strength. We see the compassion of children at such a young age, we see the power of artwork and creativity and hopefully we feel empowered to believe in, and act for, positive change.

Thank you Yves Dalbiez for allowing me to join and share this in this non-profit journey, created through France an Japan and now given to world!

A Drawing for Japan Project – website

Make sure you take the time to see both emotional videos (A Drawing for Japan and Hearts Connection). Also remember that you can donate through this website to the group ‘Kids Earth Fund’, if your inspired to help this cause.

About Dean Newcombe

Dean Newcombe is most widely known for his artistic work as a model and actor. His work, along with a hunger for knowledge and new experiences, has led him to live in 6 countries around the world, and to travel to more than 40 others. He is passionate about travel and environmentalism. Since 2007, Dean has worked as a model and actor with agencies around the world and loves the creative freedom that's possible. Dean's first major movie role is in Tobe! Dakota, which will debut across Japan in September 2013. In January 2011, Dean founded the organization "Intrepid Model Adventures" as an avenue for his social activism. He uniquely combines social entrepreneurship with his work as a model and actor to inspire change. IMA currently runs a charity project for the people of Tohoku, Japan, an awareness-raising project with movie night gatherings, and a project supporting the fair trade movement. Dean, the Intrepid Model, has built the organization into a community of thousands. Dean is also an avid sportsman and nutritionist. Even though he spends much time organizing projects on his computer in Tokyo—the planet's largest urban space—he loves the outdoors!
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