People Tree – Fair Trade Fashion

Photography by Aika Miyake - Tokyo 2011

Last month (Sept 11) IMA produced it’s first major video. In association with a Tokyo Heart Beat event in Tokyo, IMA produced a fashion show, walking People Tree along side a video of a similar scenario shot in the forest.

In keeping with IMA’s beliefs, the whole video was made non-profit and no one in my team was paid. For the love of a fairer world :)

It was our intention to capture the true essence of the People Tree brand while creating something very unique and unseen in a club environment.

This artistic concept brought nature into the dark club with fantastic results.

To celebrate the success of the night, a re-edited format has been produced for your online viewing pleasure.

This is People Tree in collaboration with Intrepid Model Adventures…


(Please click on the ‘Vimeo’ button to see a larger size video on Aika Miyake‘s Vimeo page)

Also featured on People Tree’s magazine page…

I would like to thank the following people for making this video possible…

People Tree and Michiko Ono (Clothing)
Aika Miyake (direction, cinematography, editing)
Maaserhit Honda (cinematography)
Soren ‘Cash’ Peterson (music)
Hiroki Takeru of Studio 47 (hair & make)
Megumi Petersen, Atsuko Harada & Nami Miyazaki (models)
James Mahone (saxaphone)

Since the creation of the video, I spent a truly fabulous night and day with the People Tree team shooting on location in Izu, Japan, for the UK high summer and spring catalogue.


Izu, Japan - 2011

Staying in an Eco-lodge, eating an organic lunch and working with a brand I love, is not only an incredible job, it’s another important step for Intrepid Model Adventures in supporting Fair Trade fashion.

Expect to see plenty more from People Tree and IMA…


Please read Safia Minney’s blog on our shoot in Izu…

The blog is also available in Japanese…

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About Dean Newcombe

Dean Newcombe is most widely known for his artistic work as a model and actor. His work, along with a hunger for knowledge and new experiences, has led him to live in 6 countries around the world, and to travel to more than 40 others. He is passionate about travel and environmentalism. Since 2007, Dean has worked as a model and actor with agencies around the world and loves the creative freedom that's possible. Dean's first major movie role is in Tobe! Dakota, which will debut across Japan in September 2013. In January 2011, Dean founded the organization "Intrepid Model Adventures" as an avenue for his social activism. He uniquely combines social entrepreneurship with his work as a model and actor to inspire change. IMA currently runs a charity project for the people of Tohoku, Japan, an awareness-raising project with movie night gatherings, and a project supporting the fair trade movement. Dean, the Intrepid Model, has built the organization into a community of thousands. Dean is also an avid sportsman and nutritionist. Even though he spends much time organizing projects on his computer in Tokyo—the planet's largest urban space—he loves the outdoors!
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