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4 Years of IMA action – Extending our party to the homeless of Ueno

4 Years of IMA action –  Extending our party to the homeless of UenoIncredible to think that IMA has been active for 4 years now. Running projects in the UK, Japan, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Working with brands such as People [more]

One month as a Vegetarian - A Body Experiment by Dean Newcombe

One month as a Vegetarian - A Body Experiment by Dean NewcombeI have been a passionate nutritionist for many years. I have read countless books and articles. Some support the eating of meat, some do not, but until now the argument to [more]

The Eco Man Wears 100% Organic Cotton Denim - People Tree

The Eco Man Wears 100% Organic Cotton Denim - People Tree As I sit in here in my 100% Organic cotton and Fair Trade pajamas, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have now been an official ambassador for the brand People Tree [more]

Walk4Work – Fundraiser for Fair Trade Fashion

Walk4Work – Fundraiser for Fair Trade FashionOn the 26th of December 2014, Dean Newcombe and Sofi Bevan began a journey of 391km from Choshi, Chiba on Japan's east coast to Joetsu, Niigata on Japan's west coast. They [more]

3.5 Years of Intrepid Model Adventures (IMA) – Dean's Story

3.5 Years of Intrepid Model Adventures (IMA) – Dean's Story   On Sunday the 19th for the first time ever I presented IMA's (Intrepid Model Adventures) story. As well as I could I did so from the beginning and in it's [more]

An Incredible 40 months since Tohoku was shook and my Life changed forever!

An Incredible 40 months since Tohoku was shook and my Life changed forever!   Why write now about Tohoku. It's not a usual anniversary. It's not even my main project currently. I have something to share though. It's something I [more]

Intrepid Model Adventures or IMA is a open community and global movement started in January 2011.

IMA’s – Series Teaser Video on Vimeo (The adventure begins…with humor!)

How we began:

Intrepid Model Adventures (IMA) began in January 2011 as one man’s dream to focus his energy on helping to improve the lives of those around him through bettering himself. Through successes in his own health and happiness, he began to understand how that can be transmitted to those around him. A year and a half later, IMA is a nonprofit community of hundreds, supporting thousands, which continues to gain momentum daily.

This is Intrepid Model Adventures…

Model Self

Model Self – Who I am and what I do…

IMA's - Model Travel

Model Travel – Where I go and how you can get there…

Model Fitness

Model Fitness – How I train and eat to maintain a ‘Fitness for Life’

Model Ethics

Model Ethics – What I really care about in the world today…

Model Society

Model Society – The people I admire the most…

Model Inspiration

Model Inspiration – What inspires me from this beautiful world…












Why IMA:

  • Intrepid – “Invulnerable to fear or intimidation”

IMA understands that embracing great change and standing for what we believe in often takes great courage. We mean to find that courage, whether it be in our own choices, or while supporting those amazing individuals already doing so much for positive social change.

  • Model – “One serving as an example”

Most people immediately think of fashion, but we want to look deeper into the true meaning of the word ‘model’. IMA looks to recognise and support ‘Role-Models'; those who inspire us through their example. We also strive to live our own lives in such a way that we may act as a positive influence.

  • Adventures – “Exciting or unexpected events”

IMA believes that life itself is an adventure. We believe and advocate responsible travel, where we hope everyone can benefit from shared cultural understanding. It is our intention to add passion and excitement into our adventures as we celebrate life.


The Founder of IMA:

My name is Dean Newcombe, and quite simply, starting Intrepid Model Adventures has changed my life forever. This is not my story though, even if I had naively once thought it could be. This is ‘our’ story! IMA has surrounded me with beautiful like-minded individuals and exists for us as a platform in our lives which gives everything we do (whether through our jobs or in our social lives) more meaning.


Who We are:

Intrepid Model Adventures currently has a core team of almost 40 members. In the interest of maintaining freedom, there is no criteria for potential members to meet, other than possessing the desire to help. We are an open community irregardless of age, sex, nationality or abilities. Some of us are working on projects almost daily, while others are involved only a few times a year. Every single one of us is involved though, because of our passion for positive change, and all our activity is done so voluntarily.


What we do:

Gandhi famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ – to us, it’s a philosophy of achieving a healthier happy existence for ourselves, in order to extend that happiness to those around us. To us, it’s our way of life!

  • IMA practices and promotes true heath and well-being. We offer a framework for what to eat, how to train and lifestyle choices, that will allow us to flourish. (Link)

  • IMA has spent over a year volunteering and caring for the people of Tohoku after the disaster in March, 2011. (Link)

  • IMA supports people, organisations, companies and movements already existing and doing amazing things. From the ‘Fairtrade’ movement, to charities or healthy food restaurants. We want to help good people succeed! (Companies That Care)

  • IMA believes in sustainable lifestyles and supports environmental practices. We try to respect the earths natural resources and minimise our carbon footprint. (Link)

  • IMA shares information, experiences and inspirations which we believe will improve social well-being. We share these videos, articles and other media for free, to heighten awareness and create a world which everyone can thrive. (Link)

  • IMA promotes peace and is in opposition to war.

The spectrum of helping people is vast indeed and though it is challenging, IMA embraces any and all activities which have the potential to create positive social change…

Intrepid Model Adventures provide an opportunity and the freedom to volunteer your particular skills efficiently to a project of your choice.


The Tōhoku Story:

Our biggest project to date continues to be our support efforts in Tohoku, Japan – following the unprecedented earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation disaster. We have supported more than 150 volunteers to work in Tohoku, whether it be through manual labour, through medical care such as osteopathy, or through providing meals. We have also successfully raised over $50,000… (link to full story)


Join our community:

The movement we have created can only exist through the massive efforts of our volunteers. Everything from the writing of guides, to translation, social media, design, web-building, event-hosting and accounting is accomplished voluntarily through hard work and dedication. No matter what skills or abilities you possess, we welcome you to become a part of our unique adventure today. (link to Facebook)


Our Future:

IMA will continue to gather like-minded people, striving to become ‘true models’ on a mission to help this planet. We offer the chance to join us, befriend others from around the globe, and gain a better worldly perspective at the same time. This is Intrepid Model Adventures…

More about Intrepid Model Adventures…

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’…because nobody is going to make the changes for you!

…Am I?…I Am!…AMazIng!…IMA!

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